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urgent!! Were to buy readymade rf rc joystick??

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M a newbie.. bt hav some theoritical knowledge on bot biulding....
i need readymade rf RC transmitter with 4 freedom of movement (joy stick type) and a recever.... for driving 4 servos
m @ chennai plz comment on wer this could be bought (online also):confused: :confused:

my competiton is due on SATURDAY!!!!! if not possible i need to find altier(wired one)..
plz reply soon
Thanx in advance!!:)
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on market only rf trans and reciv module are availabe...... and oly kit using switches and relay are available but i needed a one wid the joystick type...

plz help.. soon!!
again thanx in advance


Try online RC stores, some may ship to your country, who knows about time/cost though? Not a lot of regular users here are familiar with what shops are good to use for India. Try Googling for "RC store India" or more specifically your city. I don't know if you have something like the yellow pages we have in the US. You just pop open a book with teh catagory you're lookign for and it's every store in your area that wants their information posted.


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Thanx fr ur help man.... i now preparing a wired bot..... drifted my plan...
b4 the event if i get RC ill putit in and illgo... else ill go fr wired!!!
Thanx fr ur help :)


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The last activity of nirmalu was apr 6...


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these posts always remind me of that 80's song

You say its urgent
So urgent, so oh oh urgent
Just wait and see
How urgent my project can be
Its urgent
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