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unknown I.C.

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I have an IC chip on a pc100 sodimm 144pin sdram which has a capacity of 64MB made up of 8 * 8MB chips. This IC is labelled as 97c 24w02. I found no data sheet for this IC on the net. This IC is broken and I wanted to change it with some equivalent. Also wanted to know the function of this IC. I thought it might be some serial eeprom maybe. In which case the st24w02 might be a good substitute.
Any help would be greatly appreciated since I am quite lost.


That's totally impractical. By the time you factor in shipping costs for a single unit even if you could find it, it would be cheaper to just buy an entire new memory chip. I have never heard of anyone outside of a makers rework shop who has repaired a SODIMM memory stick before.
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