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Unknown component


New Member
Newbie question Hi this component needs replacement on a LED rear stop bar but for the life of me I cant identify it. Looks like Tantalum Capacitor. It is BLACK 4mmx2mmx2mm and has the following information on its top G7 then underneath that ME848. Cant find any trace of it, any help appreciated
1st photo.gif

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
Most Helpful Member
I presume you mean the third brake light on a car?.

If so, there's no technical reason for having a capacitor, and assuming it was short? - then removing it would restore operation.

I've repaired a number of third brake lights, simply replacing the faulty SM LED's, which are available at low cost, and look identical to the originals (I sourced them from RS Components).

Automotive parts often use in-house numbers, so are of no use, and SM numbering in general is completely useless and it's common you can't identify items.

Again, assuming it is a third brakelight?, draw the entire circuit out - there's hardly anything in it, and it will immediately become apparently what it is.

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