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TV White Screen

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I have a Vizio TV that powers on to an all white screen. Doesn't show menu, channel, volume, input, ect. I have taken it apart and none of the capacitors seem to be blown. Any ideas what an all white screen signifies?


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Please enter complete model # and pics if possible,, "could be screen short in crt or buffer board" see why. Welcome


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Model No: VA26LHDTV10T

Presumably this is the main board ....


and this is the PSU board ....


The PSU board has all the PSU output voltages labelled on the sockets

it would be a good idea to power the unit up with the main board disconnected ... ie. no cables on those 2 long connectors on the right side of the board
and measure all the voltages

Also post photos of YOUR main and PSU boards so we can inspect them for problems
Sharp and well lit photos

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