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Turtle Beach headset

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Zachary Sauve

New Member
I have a pair of turtle Beach headphones with a broken jack, I understand there are four bands on the jack (ground, mic, right, left.) I have a jack from another pair of headphones with only three bands. Is there a way to wire it together if I don't intend on using the mic? I've tried connecting the wires without any luck, which makes me believe the wires for the mic need to be part of the circuit in order for the speakers to work.


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Mic and Headphone will be separate circuits, just sharing the common ground.

Assume you are plugging the new 3 band plug into the 4 band socket ?

Depending on the wiring of your socket it could work or it could short things out, this diagram should make it more obvious where the 3 bank causes the short with its longer Sleeve on the Sleeve and first Ring of the 4 pole socket.

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