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Bluetooth transmitter for computer headset


New Member
Hi guys,

I am new to the forum having limited knowledge about the electronics. But I love to make electronic projects with some help.

Recently due to lot of MS Teams voice chat replacing our office phone, I was looking for a DIY project that can take input of headphone and microphone from the PC and transmit it to any Bluetooth headset. There are plenty of Bluetooth transmitters up there but all of them works for the speaker only and none of them talk about what to do with the microphone.

I am looking for a board that I can use to make a bluetooth transmitter, that will take 3.5mm speaker and microphone inputs and connect to any bluetooth headset for full voice chat. I know I can insert a Bluetooth dongle in my PC, but in our office, all the USB ports are disabled and I tried to use the dongle but it was blocked by our office security policy. I cannot fight with the security team to open this this for me. Also, I can even connect my office desk phone to this device to use my Bluetooth headset for MS Teams and desk phone both.

any help top find such a board and little bit of guidance to accomplish will be highly appreciated.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

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