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Cable, radio to headset


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I'm here with a simple request for assistance. I have a Sena Tufftalk headset that I'd like to cable to a Beofeng UV-82HP 2-way radio. I've included the pinouts for both below, UV-82 on top, Tufftalk on bottom. I'm barely average with electronics and for some reason determining how to wire this is scrambling my brain. Would someone be kind enough to tell me how to wire this?

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The second diagram on this page should make more sense:

Add a 4k7 resistor from the radio connector "+5V" wire to the mic connection on the headset connector, to supply the electret mic.


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Is that attempted humor or a mistake?
The second diagram (the one after the plug diagram you used) shows how to connect a four-terminal headset (with speaker, ground, PTT and mic, as your has) to the Baofeng style dual pin plug (or a 2.5mm + 3.5mm adapter made with separate plugs & a four contact socket).

As it is shown, it only suits a dynamic mic - the resistor I mentioned needs adding for typical electret mic type microphone or headsets.


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Weird. The first viewing of your response just showed a photo of a woman. Now it's different. I'll have a look.


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Unfortunately that doesn't go to the root of why I'm confused. Most of it's due to the fact that there is a mic and speaker on both sides and it's confusing me. Maybe I'm overthinking it. Referencing my labeling of the radio connector above, could you add a 1, 2, 3 or 4 to each A-F below?



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you must have looked at my first answer within a few seconds of me first posting it. Some image storage sites block direct access from external links like on here (and show a placeholder image); I initially posted a direct link to the relevant image, then as soon as I saw that did not work, switched it to the page with the image...

Anyway, back to the wiring. It is a slightly strange pinout and is labelled oddly...

3.5mm plug
A = PTT = 2
B = MIC = 3 (Via a capacitor)
C = +5V = Power feed to mic (3 via 4k7 resistor)

2.5mm plug
D = SPK = 1
E = TXD = Unused (linked to GND)
F = GND = 4

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