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Trying to find an entry-level job


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Sounds like a successfull result to me.
Well done.


Speaking about "well done"...I am planning to buy some sausage tomorrow....to braai.
Maybe some coals on the fire and maybe a few rolls and so on.

Looking forward to it.

So yes, I like my food well done/braaied.

I hope I am on Topic here



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I cannot help but thing that you have been on the "sauce" this evening.

However, sausages, chops and a burger or two and I wish that I could be there at the braai.

Hi everyone here on the forum .

I am very interested in this topic but it seems like the OP is not following .

Any ways , am in a similar situation , i have worked for about two months in a control panel make/sell company as a wiring technician , basically they give you an electrical schematic and you wire it all together , then you do quality checks .

The problem is that my true goal is to work in a PLC programming company since i have studied that, but i have hard time finding a company that deals with PLCs mainly , i mean a company that programs PLCs for other factories etc........

My goal is to work with less boredom not for example work in a single chain of automated machines everyday.


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Try to find a place for a PLC in your company. It will be hard to convince you boss this will work but give it a try. If not then do the work at home at night or on a break. When you mostly have it working show your boss.


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The trouble I've found with taking "any job" is that you keep on doing any job, and on and on and on. Eventually employers start asking why you've had so many jobs. Anyway I've an interview coming up as an epos engineer soon... One small step closer...

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