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Trouble with bootloader

Discussion in 'AVR' started by paklakac, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. paklakac

    paklakac New Member

    Apr 10, 2017
    I have semestral work, where I have to connect sensors to my ATMega32, read their values with spi/i2c interface and display them on LCD. That is the easy part. But I also have to be able to program my microcontroler via microUSB, for space saving purposes, rather than normaly with my "big connector" USBasp. Before I put it all the smd parts on my printed circuit board, I wanted to try it on my breadboard. So I have all the parts I need for bootloader as stated on this I guess very well known site (hopefully): http://www.fischl.de/avrusbboot/ plus some 3v6 Zener diodes for data pins. I hope I can use this with my Mega32 as well. I edited both files as mentioned on site, only set different clock source fuses, since I am using 8MHz crystal.

    It also states that I need to compile program. I have installed all the drivers on my Windows 10. So I opened command line, located needed directory for firmware part, and wrote "make". After a while, compiling begins. but it ends with:
    The hex file is created, but my eXtreme Burner - AVR can not open it.

    There is also Software part on bootloader site to program .hex files to avr, so I tried it too, but I can not compile it, this is what it says:
    I am done right now. Whole week I was trying to find solutions but it went nowhere. I found nothing usefull. Everybody just says "I flashed bootloader to my AVR" like it is some first grade elementary school knowledge. No step by step tutorial, always without any bugs, noone asking the same questions as I do (maybe under some youtube videos, but without response). I found o lot of softwares with no installer file, not sure what to do with them (I did not grow up with command line, always GUI). The best thing is that my professor does not normaly work with AVR, only with ARM on high level, so any question I had he just googled, and found nothing as well.

    Do you please have any advice to my problems? I would not mind even completely different bootloader, but hopefully somehow better explained. I just can not believe I have so much problems with "simple" piece of software that accepts data via USB. I have to be doing something realy wrong. There must be better way.
  2. wkrug

    wkrug Active Member

    May 30, 2010
    There are some Kinds of .hex files.
    Most Compilers work with the Intel .hex format.
    There are line numbers and checksums in it.

    But there are normal . hex files too.
    They includes only the .hex code of the programm.

    I guess that is one of Your problems.

    Take a look with the programm hex.ed into, so You can take a look into the files.

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