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Transistor Crossref & spec. selection online engine.


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Useful site, handy for looking up board-pulls! I use them quite a lot, not just mosfets but bipolar and other types too. The specs they put in the boxes aren't always accurate though - always check the data sheet!


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I always use components101.com it has been a lot useful especially when I have a handful of IC's which I have not used before.

They provide pinouts, specs, alternatives, application circuit explanation, usage tips etc.... but for some series designs the information will not be enough and I always have to download the datasheet which is also provided by them


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I use "tme.eu".
I got my multimeter from them since Brymen meters weren't available in the UK at the time (at least not to Joe Public), sent from Poland, also some relays I couldn't get elsewhere. They are very good. Now have offices in the UK too!

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