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Tracing circuit on board

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I have a switch mode power supply out of my 55 inch Samsung Tv .
Could you explain how to trace the circuit through the board .
I know what the components are but when it comes to a IC I do not know what track to take .
I have found 3 components that are faulty 2 tantlen 221K 2kv and one Diod T2 D8 N
Thank you


Nigel Goodwin

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I have found 3 components that are faulty 2 tantlen 221K 2kv and one Diod T2 D8 N
Do the 220pF capacitor have splits or burn marks? (they commonly fail in that way), often you can just replace the capacitors, but sometimes they cause further damage.

The diode is probably a high speed and high voltage rectifier, and needs replacing with something 'similar' - although it's rare to ever find one with the same numbers.


I have replaced the two 220 pf high voltage an checked other things .
Resembling the components to the board and installed the board in to the Tv then connecting power supply lead with a 120 watt bulb in series on the positive lead and a veriac also .
This was done to protect the power supply if there was a short the bulb would light up, the veriac is to increase the voltage steadily. To prevent in rush of power.
Every thing went well. The bulb only lit up for 2 seconds then went out. This is normal.
I am watching the TV now.
Thank you for every thing.
If any member does not understand what I have written for start up protection please ask me to explain again
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