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tinyARM- LPC 2106

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on the top part of the pic shown in the above url, there is a component IC, can u identify the function of this component if you have happened to have tinyARM. It does not seem like max 3232 because the pdf has already use a max 232A for ISP purpose.

in U5,
on the bottom left of the below url,
pin 9 is RST
pin 18 PWR RENN where is this pin goes

there is a missing pin on the left side (U 5) since it does not add up to 20.

on the right bottom,

there is pin 31, but it's name called RSTN_OUT which cannot be found in the LPC 2106 chip. do you know what is this RSTN_OUT?




The tinyARM is the microcontroller module.

in this diagram the PWR RENN is a no-connect, it is not used.

the docs are not on their site, but the package is a 40 pin dip
package. That does not mean all 40 pins are used. One of
them might not connect to anything on their module.

The RSTN_OUT pin appears to be some type of output that is
supposed to drive the reset pins of any other parts you have
on your board. This is based on the circuit connection with the
RSTN pin.


I cant identify the top IC, but I think it might be a voltage converter given the number of capacitors in close proximity. The package is the same footprint as a 40 pin DIP with 0.1" pin spacing. The circle means the pin is inverted. For instance RST has a circle meaning that it is active low. When you pull it to ground, the module resets.[/list]
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