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I am working on a project which is basically a home automation system using a piezoelectric sensor.
The problem that is being faced for now is in the working of LPC 2148 ARM 7. Is there any other way out? Can LPC2148 be replaced with some other thing so that this project works successfully?can anyone provide the circuit diagram andconnectins for this project.
Our system is able to gather, analyze, and transmit the sensory information regarding the voltage reading when any mechanical movement occur at the sensor. The sensor is used as a smart door mat, when a person will step on it, vibrations will be sensed and will be sent to the comparator. A comparator is being used to eliminate the noise signals by comparing the fixed reference voltage and the signal given by the sensor.
The digital output from the comparator will process further in the LPC 2148 ARM 7 which belongs to the family of microprocessor. It is then transferred to HT12E encoder IC before sending it to the 434 MHz RF Module Transmitter. The signal is then transmitted through this RF Module to its Receiver where it is decoded through the HT12D decoder IC. The signal is then transmitted to the buzzer. The buzzer could be replaced by various home automation systems as a further application.


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The ARM processor is complete overkill and can be replaced with a 16 or 18 series pic chip which also contain comparators.


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Aso the HT12 encoder/decoder are not required, and not suitable for this purpose anyway - just do it in software (or if you want hardware?, then gets ones for the job - these are just crude remote control devices, not data encoders).
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