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This has very little to do with electronics...

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This is a little off topic, but maybe somehow it could be tied in with Microcontrollers.

Anyway, for all you programmers out there, which book do you recommend for learning C++, I don't know anything about programming in C or C++, I understand programming, I know JavaScript and PBASIC, but that's about it, so with this knowledge what would be best, how did you learn?

Thanks, and sorry for going off topic.


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well a good idea is to have a notebook near you and a pencil and start using the help, its really quite good.
but try a book that only explains the basics, because after you leran the basic you get the rest from the help menu


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If you search google you'll find tons of tutorials on C/C++ and almost all the languages you want. And along with books a good and faster way of learning programming language is through online forums like
www.vb-forums.com (has forums for many languages and 37,617 registered users)
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