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Things that bug you

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This is an invitation for members to post things that bug them. I will start...

People that stand in the middle of a doorway, then when you politely say "excuse me", they look at you as though you are inconveniencing them
People with an inflated sense of entitlement
That American guy with a name that sounds like a Disney character who's primary trait is bad flatulence


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People who txt and drive.
People who walk and txt.
People who txt speak with acronyms, clueless to the fact we have no idea the meaning.
People who use unusually complex sentence structure with words no one else knows, to sound smart.
People who don't see what's coming out the rear end of their dog while they walk. Leaving it on the sidewalk.



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Programs that do exactly what I wrote instead of what I meant.


Trees that don't drop their leaves until the middle of winter.

People that are TOO normal.


People that ask or answer stupid questions on the internet when they could be (should be) spending time with their kids.

Grated fresh coconut.

Driving pickup trucks long distances.

Unbalanced tires or anything that causes a vibration in my car below 90mph.

Unclear communication

People that have strong political, financial or moral opinions one day and the opposite opinion the next day.

People who try to justify the behavior described immediately above


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Telecommunications companies. The one I did like was Cingular.
Verizon thinks everything in their network is FIOS. I returned a DSL modem and Verizon send me an email thanking me for returning my my FIOS equipment.

The biggest one is that I cannot believe anything anymore. I had a dental implant and I asked a benefits employee if Implants are covered, The answer was NO. I had one done and the it wasn't. On the last day of the fiscal year I get a letter that 1/2 the allowable charge of the restoration is covered. Now they have to go back and fix the past coverages. In some cases, it didn't matter because I used up all of the fiscal money available. One got fixed because it actually got billed wrong. The last part of the mult-part procedure occurred in the new fiscal year.

So, you ask two people and get two different answers (yes and no).
You actually get it done and no was the answer.
You question why, and get a yes written answer.
What can you believe?


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Oh boy, where to begin....

People without a lick of common sense.
People who think the world revolves around them.
People who only thing about themselves and not about others.
People who show no respect even when you do everything to deserve it.
People who are inconsiderate of others.
People who are unreasonably immature.
People who don't think before speaking and/or acting.

My wife. (lol just kidding Honey!) :D


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People who only thing about themselves...
See, I hate when computers do exactly what I say instead of what I mean. It was obvious you meant "think". God, I hate when computers do that!


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See, I hate when computers do exactly what I say instead of what I mean. It was obvious you meant "think". God, I hate when computers do that!
LOL Story of my life! :banghead:


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This thing bugged me on Thursday.
Evening standby, I have to drive nearly 70 miles to try and fix a router - business critical, pizza takeaway can't trade without it. I fail to fix the router. Looks like there's nothing wrong with it but it's lost it's ISP username and password. So I phone my support guys. They haven't been given the password. Much digging later, they've got a username and password (TBH I didn't think they were correct) but still no good. Grrrr. Much digging later, I'm told the ISP had an outage that day and there'd been a fault with the phone line.
So it really really really bugged me that nobody thought to check/pass on this information before I started my 5 1/2 hour round trip!


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SUV's. Hate the bloody things. Top of the Tree, A number 1, pet hate.
People who think they need SUV's. Ok some people do but not many. So *most* people who think they need a SU effing V.
People who cant stay in lane to go round the roundabout. Particularly the one by the Galagher retail park in Coventry. They seem to think it's a straight line.
People with no road manners
People too stupid to be allowed to drive, but somehow they are and they live to annoy people another day.
The roundabout by the Galagher retail park in Coventry. It gets gridlocked and sucks on an epic scale when it does.
The Galagher retail park in Coventry when it's busy. You spend your entire life stuck in a queue trying to get out, waiting for the people trying to get in.
People who won't let their dog off the lead and then get annoyed because some other dog is off it's lead and wants to say hello to theirs, which then gets agressive because it can't behave normally.
People who are too stupid to learn that it's "tenterhooks" not "tenderhooks". Like what you stretch skins on.
People who are too stupid to write "have" because they say "of" which is how they speak. Like writing "of course I could of" instead of "of course I could have". Grrrr.
Stupid people in general.
People who say "can I get" to their server when they want to buy something
I really want to say people in general but as a failed misanthropist I am not allowed to because it would make me a hypocrite. (Thank goodness for spelling checker I was nearly offensive to hippos then!)
The concept of race. Maybe I would think differently if I'd been born with darker skin, but honkey that I am, I find the idea of race more ridiculous the more I think about it.
Having to get up in the morning. There's nothing wrong with lunchtime for that kind of thing
Having to go to bed before midnight.
Trying to make clever things that just turn out crummy.
People who take every fad and manufactured "problem" as being a serious and important life choice. Wake up folks, you've just been sold more s**t by MegaProfit incorporated!

Ah well, that'll do I suppose.
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