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thermocouple data logging

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I'm trying to figure out how to log multiple (maximum of 32) thermocouple data as precisely as i can get without spending too much money.

Right now i have a National Instruments, PCI-6034e and a small terminal board to connect the thermocouples, i am using labview. I basically hook up the thermocouples, throw in a resistor as mentioned from a previous attempt to trouble shoot. But my resulting data is not to my liking. I get a very unclean graph with with a very large range of fluctuation. For example, in a container of water that is about 23 deg Celsius, i get readings ranging from 22.5 to 23.7 deg Celsius. I would like it to be more precise. How could i accomplish this?

I am currently using a constant value for the cjc.
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