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The beginning of a new process of learning


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Hello there,

Nice to meet you!My name is Dragos.And I am a beginner in electronic and electrical engineering.I want some advices from you.I want to learn simulation S.P.I.C.E., using Mcro-CAP 12, or any profesional program,and I want to know how to begin the process of learning.I want to know from where I can get some great material resources for electrical and electronics schematics for all levels beginner-intermediate-advanced from analog and digital electronics. and books.
I want seriously to develop me how much I can, firstly in designing and simulation in those areas analog and digital electronics, but and others., like microelectronics, power electronics,RF&Microwaves, programming, microcontrollers and so on, beacause I always I think that we must develop with passion and dedications for great results. for this Earth, I want with your help to have a practicaly and clearly perspective.Please, any advice will help me..Do you know... ? To be the best you must have a mentor for a direction, and to give the best from the best to get great results.:):)

Thank you for understanding,



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Look for a tutorial and when you get stuck, ask. No one here is going to write you a tutorial.


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