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switching audio power amplifier

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:?: can anyone provide me with any information on switching audio power amp. have anybody tried this set up? can anyone provide for a circuit diagram for this? thanx! :D


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The brain is not in gear tonight - the amp is either class G or class D. If it comes to me I'll post again.


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class g amp

:D to esteves & mosfet, thank you guys for your reply. the ff. are my questions:
1. have any of you tried this type of audio amp and whats your honest experience.
2. how did it sound, is it better than a class A or AB amp.
3. the LM datasheet sheet showed it to be used for sub-woofer amp, what if i used it as a regular amp.
again thanx guys for your reply! :lol:


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#1 Self-powered speakers that come with computers, thought they were terrible.
#2 Prefer class A or class AB. National's own words:
"In-band noise is higher in switching amplifiers than in linear amplifiers because of increased noise from the switching waveform."
#3 The last part of page 14 and the first part of page 15 of LM4651's data refer to optimizing the amp for low frequency.
Page 12 figure 6 shows a rather standard opamp low pass filter that is needed to make this a subwoofer amp.

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as long as there is no obvious distortion.


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switching amp

:D thanx mosfet for your advice. i also habve a friend here in our country who also said its not good sounding as what he read. he is not in electronics so i would rather hear from you guys. again thanx. 8)
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