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Strobe Light Triggered With A 555 Timer Circuit (Relay perhaps??)


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I have an idea to use a clock pulse from a 555 astable timer to trigger a strobe light. I would be using the output to control a relay (with a transistor or not?). What rating should I use on a relay if the measured voltage for the flash portion of the circuit is 120 VAC?

Also, please post any advice you would advise someone who has spent most of his circuit-building life among non-lethal voltages.

Thanks, you guys make me want to get smarter.


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Is it a Xenon type strobe light.? if yes, then the easy way is to use a HV pulse transformer to flash the Xenon.
Apply the required high voltage to the ends of the strobe tube, usually thats a pre-charged capacitor, then use a transistor on the 555 output to energise the HV pulse transformer, which will them strike the Xenon tube.
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