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Strange Grounding Problem Need an Expert HELP

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Hi there!

You've heard Philips Ambilight. I was thinking to do that with my pc and I found this circuit and i made it.

There was transistors where the resistors end. And with those transistors i could change 12v RGB LED MODULes brightness. I mean i could get any color with those leds from computer.

Well then i changed the circuit because it was my first attempt and it was kinda big. And leds were not brighty.
So i redesigned the circuit. I was using 5v and 12v supplys seperated.i mean 5v was coming from usb and 12v was from adapter.

So in this new circuit i thougt it all could be from 12v. I mean the only supply will be 12v from adapter

so i used lm7805 like the picture above.

And after this,things getting complicated. 16f628 and max232 seems working fine. But leds are not working.

When i touch top of the 16f628 leds are working :) I think there is a problem with the ground because when i touch leds ground its working better(i mean there is no flickering when i touch)

But i don't know why. What can i do?


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Loose connections? What is this being built on?

WHat are you doing with unused pins?
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