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Steve Mark/Solid State Electric Generator


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In the new Alternative Energy forum we have looked at trees and silicon for power from the environment and just no current.

We have guilted Nigel into fixing the carberator on his generator (right, probably at the pub) :D.

We looked at the Joe cell and basically a CAP that releases a gas from what I see. I might make one (when I have time 2009) to put under the car hood and route it to the intake..

Well, here is something I found surfing.


ONLY look for this if you have free time. A video of a Steve Mark that makes a toroid coil with magnets that will provide energy from the earth magnetic waves.

Anyone heard of this? This MPI company (though it says UEC on the video) bought it and they have a US patent pending.

Appears he sold the rights to http://magneticpowerinc.com/patent.html

Anyone have any insite on this? Be nice.

The drawing looks like Tesla might have done them.


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Don't you need to change the magnetic field through the coil to produce electricity? I doubt the magnetic field of the earth changes fast enough to do that...not to mention it's abysmally weak. Much weaker and slower than if you held a fridge magnet and waved it around (I'm pretty sure that the fastest speed you can move your hand at is as fast if not faster than the speed a car travels at).

It doesn't really say how it's done exactly so I dunno. I'm confused about the spinning magnetic field part...earth's field doesn't spin on a human time-frame. And what is this negative torque stuff it's talking about? And the spinning ferromagnetic domains in metals?

Here is the patent application:

EDIT: In the patent application, section [0032]->[0034} talks about the permanent magnet field getting "swept" to the side in the core and windings as it passes through another magnetic field perpendicular to it. That doesn't make much sense. Furthermore, it seems to say that the this perpindicular magnetic field is produced from an excitation current running through the +/- terminals, and says they are input terminals. But earlier on it says they are output terminals (and the device claims no need for input so why should an excitation current be needed at all? Let alone input terminals which seem to double as output terminals). The double-tailed arrows in figure 3 also don't seem to point in the proper direction as claimed unless you treat the +/- as output terminals (externally current travels from anode to cathode but internally current travels from cathode to anode).

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Nomen luni

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Anyone got the patent application

Has anyone got a copy of the patent application dknguyen mentions? It's no longer hosted.


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Mark's stuff sounds like the same old perpetual motion machine hoax. Basically anything using the name "free energy" is a hoax. Technically solar cells and such are "free energy" but the term's almost exclusively used by the quack/faker field.

Faked videos of demos are REAL common. Get used to it.

Joe cell's an old, old quack job. It can make hydrogen at the same rate as any electrolysis cell. It's useless for increasing mpg (much less eliminating fuel!) because not only can you never get out more energy than you started with, an engine wastes about 80% of the fuel's energy as heat, then the alternator making DC and the cell making H2 could be 50% efficient at best (actually you're gonna be quite a bit less). The things about making "Brown's Gas" as a special, super-secret completely unknown form of hydrogen are also bogus.

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