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SSB transmitter

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Look for information in amateur radio publications - handbooks from late 60's on show various projects - many of them low power. Search web for under QRP SSB - "qrp" means low power.


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QRP SSB Transmitter

Hello Jerfude,

You have good tips from Einstein and Stevez.

You are however quite vague about what you really need.
You should specify certain things. In fact if you do not know what you are actually looking for you will have a hard time in your Internet search.

You have to be more specific about:

What is the required output level? How low is low?
Is the transmitter to operate on a single frequency?or is it multi-frequency?multi-band?
Is it freerunning? or crystal controlled? simple or sophisticated?
etc., etc., Get the idea?

Have fun though!


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re: ssb xmitter

thanks for the reply. guys:wink:
the power is just 3W and covers the voice frequency range.
i only need a simple circuit cause the parts may not be available in our
market if it is gonna be a complex one.
thanks again
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