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SpiceMod? Looks like a well-kept secret!

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Does anyone here know about SpiceMod? I searched the forum, and apparently not one reference to it exists!

It's made by Intusoft, and I'm longing to get my grubby hands on it. I've sent a mail to them to ask if I can try it because although instructions to use it are included in the demo package, the executable needed isn't there. I found a page via Google indicating that a demo was (at least once) available for download, and maybe someone here has a copy. If so, please post, as it was presumably open to public use in some version or other. It was small too, a few tens of kilobytes!

There's a very clear guidance on Spicemod in the attached file, in case anyone wants to know why it's worth getting. That file looks like a very good reference book too. It explains that making models from data sheet info IS as tough as I think it is, and is a serious challenge even for experts. So this IS a tool I expected to find dicussion of here, so this might start some as there isn't any yet.


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