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spark without battries

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Maybe in your country they use methane gas in lighters. It stinks too.
I wonder which animal produced it. :lol:

panic mode

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propane doesn't have smell and so it's not detectable. this can be very dangerous. this is why the parfume is mixed with it (just to give it smell).
and since it has to be cheap, it doesn't smell too nice :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Luckily there aren't many diesel cars here. I wonder which chemical they add to diesel fuel to make it stink!
They are putting corn alcohol in gasoline now to make it smell better. :wink:

I think the butane gas in lighters is propane without the stinking stuff. :lol:
I dont know about the rest of the world but in the US they use Butane in lighters, butane is not propane, they are different gasses.

Butane is CH3CH2CH2CH3
Propane is CH3CH2CH3 or C3H8

Butane: also called n-butane, is the unbranched alkane with four carbon atoms, CH3CH2CH2CH3. Butane is also used as a collective term for n-butane together with its only other isomer, iso-butane (also called i-butane, isobutane, or 2-methylpropane), CH3CH(CH3)2.

Propane: a hydrocarbon fuel gas with the formula C3H8 that is used primarily as a bottled gas for heating and cooking. Being heavier than air, if propane is in a buried pipeline, it will require a separate pump to bring a sample into a gas detector's sensor chamber.

About the Smell of Propane:
By nature, propane is clear and contains no scent at all. For safety purposes propane companies add a substance known as ethyl mercaptan to the propane fuel. Ethyl mercaptan has a strong rotten egg, or skunk-like scent, which allows the consumer to smell it in the case of a leak. If you smell something similar near your appliances and your tank it is ALSO possible that you are low on fuel. Ethyl mercaptan is heavier than propane and sinks to the bottom of the tank so when the tank is low on fuel the ethyl mercaptan odorant will become even more noticeable.

I couldnt find anything about Butane's smell.
About Butane
About Propane

Oh, and Finally, Desel Fuel (at least as far as I know) does not have any additives to make it smell so wonderful, and yes I mean wonderful( I love tractor trailer trucks, lol) Although here in the US they do add a red dye to it to sell it as heating oil.


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Diesel fuel smells so wonderful that when you are behind a school bus and it zooms forward, the black cloud can also be tasted. Yummy!
Diesel stinks if you ask me.But i like the smell of petrol.Thats the only good thing about mowling the lawn.You get a nice smell of it when refiling the mowler.
If you want a little bit more substantial spark, you can use a barbecue grill ignitor. You can buy replacements from a hardware store usually, or get one online. Should be around $5 or so. The sparks can be about 1 inch long if I remember correctly, and are good for making potato cannons.

They all look about the same: long plastic housing, red button with black bezel. It uses the same piezo technology in a butane lighter, only on a bigger scale, and the force required to press the button is a bit more.

Attached is a pic example.


rude school

At the school I teach at, the kids like to take these igniters out of lighters etc. They use them to shock their 'friends' in class - great fun!

That's so rude from the kids, you shall teach them not to heart each other.


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Someone Electro said:
Unless you're in a room full of gasoline vapor.
:lol: :lol: Kaboom!
Actually, nothing happens unless the air to gasoline ratio is about 14.5. If the mixture is too rich or is too lean then it won't burn.
How your piezo works:

On the right there's a piece of piexo crystal connected to the electrodes.

On the left there's a spring with a pin and a catch mechinism attached to the button.

When you push the button the spring compresses first, then when it's fully depressed the catch releases firing the pin at the piezo crystal and all the mechanical energy is converted into a pulse of electrical energy powerfull enough to ignite gas and even kill some insects but too small to harm you.
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Someone Electro said:
Killl a instect? Never tryed that.
lol! Its been about 3 years since i last loged on! WOW! Well im glad to be back!
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