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spark without battries

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open a fire tourch, you should find something like A RECTANGLE swich with to contacts on one side. this is a pizo it makes over 1kvdc so just mount it soder two wires and make a gap press the bution spark!
(ill post pictures in a cuple days) :lol:
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sory have bad camra
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the spark is about 1/2 of an inch :D :D
Its not your camera, its just that sparks are a *very* brief affair and rather difficult to catch with a camera. Though you could have tried to get whatever makes the spark into focus (you might have to use the macro setting)
At the school I teach at, the kids like to take these igniters out of lighters etc. They use them to shock their 'friends' in class - great fun!

I know there good for pranks.

They are caled "piezo ignitors"

they give about 10 000 V but since it very low curent they only itch
You can try to conat an piezo speker to you multimeter (mV reding) and push it together whith your fingers.

The harder you sqize it the more voltege it produses

but i never tryed to make sound whith an piezo lighter
hee hee, great fun :lol: took it to skool and had me a good lauf.

a fun thing thing to do is put the wire on your neck in certain spots, teh whole side of ur body jumps.

electro, u sed that u need two wires for the spark to arc across? i just had one wire sticking out of mine and all i had to do was touch it to someone's skin (or get close enuf)
It has only one wire.Thats one pole,the other pole is the metal cilinder on the botom

But electrycety arcs to someone else becose the body has capacitence (100-200 pF) and becose there is a ground conectin to you and your toching toching the cilinder (other pole)

I once used my body as an cap in an 555 timer circuit.Ti was fun (i just codn't stop playing whith it) the harde you sued your finger on the contacks the lower was the beep coming out of the spaker(try it sometimes)

Ive seen a circuit that uses an piezo lighter whitn an weight on top as an seizmic detector (to detect erthquakes)

I like my "simplest shocker"(in the projects) but for pranks you beter put an resistor in (it can be painful)
let me help you out with that pic :lol:

heres what looks like the same one you have there

here are many different type of these
some have 1 wire and a brass stud at the bottom
and others have 2 metal spots

the ones with the 2 tabs are easy to wire and put in a small project box

i normally attach the outputs to two thumb tacks
(like these)

just stick them into a case and bend the point over so it does not come out of the case.

be sure to put them about 1" apart so the spark wont jump the gap
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Someone Electro said:
You codnt get an good charge out of this.SInce thay outout high voltages at very low curents.
so what is their use rather than shocking the innocent peoples? :roll:


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Someone Electro said:
Igniting flamable stuff.Propane in an cigarete lighter for exsample.
Propane stinks so you can smell a leak. If cigarette lighters used it then nobody would buy one.
They use butane, for exhample.
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