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Songle relay SRD-12VDC-SL-C

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Hi i trying to find out this relay datasheet where it show where the pins should i connect to it... now i stuck at this cos i dunno where to connect to it..

thank for the help~~


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Hold the relay with the pins up, and the end with 3 pins closest to you.
The two outside pins closest to you, are the coil pins.
The middle pin is the common contact.
The pin furthest from you on the right is the Normally-Closed contact.
The pin furthest from you on the left is the Normally-Open contact.



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srs-12vdc-sl relay

i have a srs-12vdc-sl relay,what are those pin outs? there are six pins,2 on one side 4 on other side and is pin 1 the pin opposite the indentation on top of case?


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can anyone tell me where i could get this songle srd-12vdc-sl-c relay? thanks thanks.
Where are you? It helps if you put you general location in your profile.

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I did a quick web search and they are for sale in Macau (near Hong Kong?). If you're not there, they claim to ship world wide.
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