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help to find a relay equivalent

I mean a store where I can find it, I only find this type of relay in China, so I doubt its quality, that's why I look for some other options


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It's a "Four pole cradle relay", PCB pins with a 12V coil, from what you say.

Something like this should be fine:

Or you could fit a socket and use the commoner plug-in style:

The plug-in style are extremely common, from many makers; direct PCB pin are available but much less choice.

Any big electronics supplier or distributor should have the ones above or equivalents; eg. the Omron plug-in one from Mouser:

The PCB pin one, on ebay:


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That's the one, as far as I can tell; three pole, PCB pins, 12V DC coil.

You can verify the pin spacing against your original, from the data sheet.

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