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Soldering on bare phenolic protoboard

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Is it possible to solder on bare phenolic protoboard?

I tried last night (not a great attempt mind you, I was in my hotel room with basic tools and a tip on my iron that was too small) with some diodes (that were probably dirty and needed sanding) and I couldn't get the solder to flow onto the board.

Is there a trick to it or does it need some copper on it to work? Or was it just my very poor attempt that caused the undesired result?

I also didn't have any flux on me, so perhaps that was part of the reason why??



No, you need a metal such as copper to solder to, you can' just solder to phenolic board.


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If the board has holes you can put the leads of the parts thru the holes, twist the leads together and solder them. Or you can still put the leads of the parts thru the holes bend them flat, put the ones that need to be connected very close to each other, cut to length and then solder them.


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Solder will only adhere to certain types of metals (such as copper and iron). If you want to solder to a board you need a copper coated board. The make them with solid copper, copper strips with holes, or individual plated hole pads.

For easiest soldering, apply a small amount of rosin flux to the board and component before soldering.
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