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Small IC Relays

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My project that i am working on basically has 64 350ohm wheatstone bridges. I want to be able to shunt one of two sides of the bridge at any given time. So what i need is a On off On relay which could be powered by a 9volt batery. When i through a switch in one direction i want all 64 channels to be shunted. When i through it in the other direction i want it to shunt the other side of the bridges. and when it is set to the middle(off) position i want the bridges to not be shunted at all.

So what relay can i use which will allow me to control 64 resistors independently. Each bridge must stay independent of the others.

My second question would be what resistor packages would provide me with 64 25k ohm resistors.

Of course i am asking for a bit much by asking for 64 relays and resitors so what could i use to get the job done in the least amount of space and parts.

This will be used for troubleshooting a data Aquisition System.
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