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Single phase zsource inverter ckt Help

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hi am new here... this is a circuit of a z-source inverter. This uses a technique called shoot through technique ...could som1 explain me what this is and also how does the control circuit using NE555, comparators and logic gates make this shoot through technique possible.

and how are the resistance, capacitance and inductor values are selected for this?

is there anyway to get the waveforms of this circuit through any program? can LabView help ?

pls help me out with this...




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The circuit uses the triangle-wave from the 555 plus the sine-wave from the input to make a PWM waveform with a carrier frequency of about 8kHz. The modulation is the low frequency of the sine-wave.

It is an ordinary very old circuit. It does not have "z-source" nor "shoot-through".
It does not have voltage regulation nor over-current shut down.


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My final project in university is desining and building 3ph z-source inverter. for generate required pulses for six-igbt's i use

1. XR2206 for sine and Triangle signal
2. LM324 for phase shift
3. LM339 for compare signals
4. ATMEGA8 for summing final pulses

I SUGGEST you to use system above for igbt's pulsing.

(excuse me!:rolleyes: i am from IRAN and not enough good my english language and speech ;))
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