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simple question needs to be answerd plz.

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hi all

i have one question about DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting )

it says :

DAB uses MUSICAM, explain how it uses the
principle of audio masking to improve its technical performance?

I have a final exam tomorrow and i'm not sure about my answer which is :

The principle of audio masking is illustrated in Fig. 1. The signal component at 1 kHz, distorts and raises the masking threshold, which defines the level that other signal components must exceed in order to be audible. If a second audio component is present at the same time and close in frequency to the first, then for the second component to be perceived by the ear, it must be at a higher level than it would otherwise need to be if present only on its own; otherwise it is masked by the first signal.

what i think is the answer i have it just talk about the principle of audio masking NOT talking about how DAB uses Musicam to improve its technical performance !!!

Thanks all
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