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Simple OR-gate pcb design

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Hello there,

I want to caught those eyes who knows PADS pcb design well.

I wanted to make a very basic OR-gate here.

Take a look the schematic and layout and feel free to critique /discuss/advice me about,

1. Via patterns.

2. layer definition

3. Routing

4. Add drafting

5. Mounting hole.

6. pour manager



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Seeed Studios has a really good PCB Design Manual. It's good reading and will answer your questions.

If you want people to look at your schematics and boards, it's best to attach them as PDFs or images. Only people with the software you used can see your schematic and board. Make it easy for the people who might give you help.


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Please give everyone on this forum a free version of PADS so we can look at your files.



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I only have heard of the program "PADS" but never used it. I've used Protel years ago and now I am solely using Proteus ARES for all my PCB design works.

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