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servo force feedback

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I'm writing this prematurely, cuz I'm bored.

My current project plan is to make a quadroped using rc servos with 3 DOF for each leg. I'll be making a servo controller for each leg, or each two legs with a zilog z8 uC, then having a master brain with another z8 controller.

I want to have some type of force feedback to allow the legs to notify the controller about obstructions, or when they have touched the ground. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? The only reference I could get on the net about doing this is here:


If anyone has any experience with this, I'm looking for some more details, like how to tell a normal driving pulse from a pulse that's trying to overcome an external force. Or, the article seems to suggest that it only works with a non moving servo trying to maintain it's position.

I said I'm writing this prematurely, because I have no experience with servos at all, yet, and I just ordered a few HS-311 servos to create a test leg and work on the controller. I can probably find out most of this stuff on my own with experimantation if I had the parts, but I'd like to see if anyone else has any suggestions or can tell me not to waste my time trying.
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