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Sensor circuit design


New Member
Hello, I am new to the Forum and I would appreciate if someone can help me with this question(picture attached).

I know that I need to use an OP-Amp but can't figure out how to approach this question.

Thanks in advance,


Ian Rogers

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Its easier than you think... 0°C = 273.15 kelvin... each kelvin there after is 1 °C so 50°C is 323.15 kelvin.. From the text 10mV /K is 1 volt over 100°C and only 0.5V range you need.... So you can work out exactly what to do.... Hint 0 ~ 0.5v to 0 ~ 5v...


New Member
Thanks for your quick reply, so if I understood it right, I can simply use non-inverting amp with 2 resistors of 9kOhm and 1kOhm ( which will give 10 times gain) while connecting the sensor to the positive pin.

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