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SAW Filters Package Type

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Hello, I'm currently working on qualifying certain kinds of components, for that I need to know their type and category in order to know which tests are applicable.
I have a SAW filter from Qorvo, PN: 885062, I've been judging this as a Hybrid Microcircuit because of the acoustic waves, but the qualification standard I'm following seems to assume every hybrid microcircuit is a cavity package, but it doesn't seem like it, is this classification wrong? Being a cavity package implies performing specific tests such as Particle Impact Noise Detection just for this component which does not suit our project.
Should I judge it as a filter only? (there is a category just for filters, but inside the hybrids category there is a qualification table for SAW devices).

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A SAW device relies on mechanical resonance, so I believe they must use a cavity type package.
Thank you for your answer!
Well seems like I won't be dodging those tests after all... I believe the same goes for bulk acoustic waves, since it's still based on mechanical resonance right?
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