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Samsung LED TV - No picture, but panel and backlight ok


New Member
Hi folks

I have been now looking all over the internet for a solution to my problem and i am not able to find something useful, maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.

I am having trouble repairing my old Samsung TV, its a UE60H7080.

The TV has no picture, everything else (audio, remote) works.

I know that the panel and backlight is still working. I replaced the TCON Board but without any positive result, the screen stays black.
If i cut power to the tcon board, the display turns on (white only) same when i cut the power to the mainboard.

I think the Mainboard is broken, but i cant find a replacement part, it seems not be available anywhere in the world...

So now to the question:

Is it possible to use some sort of universal mainboard to get basic functions working ?


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