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RF600E encoder and decoders

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Hi there.

Im new to electronics, and was wondering if anyone can clarify to me whether the RF600E needs programming to make a transmitter transmit a signal?

also on the opposite end, does the decoder have to be programmed? Im trying to construct a simple transmitter reciever project that when a button is pushed on a remote, a toy lights up.

any help is appericiated!


Try reading the datasheet for your device, it very clearly states how it operates.
There are four switch inputs to the module which allow it to function, so all that is needed to 'program' it is with 2x4pin jumper block or 4 switch dip switch. If your settings will never need to be changed you can simply hard wire the pins to the required logic level.


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Hi Sceadwian. Thanks for the reponse.
I had a look at the datasheet, and it seems like its pre programmed and all i got to do is create the stated circuits?
Will it still function with just 1 switch input like a tactile switch?

Can anyone tell me what an option link is?
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