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RF spectrum analyzer and power measurement

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I gonna discover new new fields of tech every month.
This time I want to take my mind into RF, a specific band of EM spectrum.

Thats my aim is to detect and analyze the emissions from GSM CDMA mobile devices(935Mhz to 1880Mhz for GSM900/1800 bands).Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless communication devices and leakage microwave emmisions etc.

Can you give me some suggestions regarding it.

I was inspired by PM3A::Dual Channel PIC16F876A 500MHZ LCD RF Power Meter With Data Logger & precission reference

So I decided to do my own design with AD8307ARZ. It's capable of detecting 0-500MHz only. Which siomply means I can detect almost any AM/FM/VHF bands.

But what for the GHz range? They have another ic called ADL5513ACPZ-R7 from ADL5513 | 1 MHz to 4 GHz, 80 dB Logarithmic Detector/Controller | Log Amps / Detectors | RF/IF Components | Analog Devices
Will this IC be able to detect 1Mhz to 4Ghz ranged RF/microwave emissions(that means ALL AM/FM/(U,V)HF/microwave emissions) wisely?I decided to use this in my design.

Any suggestion/upgrades for me?


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The nature of phones like CDMA is that the power spectrum is spread very broadly over a wide band. Most of the power is spread so it appears to be a noisy bump in the RX spectrum. If you can really tune into the signal it resembles a Bart Simpson head.

So unless you have a really good analyzer you will not see much other than a rise in noise floor.

Below is probably taken directly from xmitt to analyzer.

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