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RF Network transmit/receiver

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Any have an idea about this or another way to connect two computers wireless (the distance between the computers is about 3 kms)
I tried to combine an fm transmitter and a receiver, connected to a 56k modem, i know that i can transmit only at a 19.000 bps and from one room to other in the same house.-

I know about i can transmit up to 10.0 MB like ethernet using 2.5 GHZ instead of 108.8 MHZ and far away,

i'm happy if i can receive at 128 kbps
and in 3 kms and not in the other room of my house.-

I know about commercial transmitters but they are very expensive (about $ 800 and i need two, one for each computer)

Any Ideas?? :D


Why not use wireless networking based on the IEEE802.11 standard ?

Basically if you want peer to peer connectivity then each pc needs a wireless nic( network interface card)..... but have a look here: http://www.vicomsoft.com/knowledge/reference/wireless1.html#1

there's a good explanation of how it works, but I fear it may not be to your needs...

HTH Chip


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yea 802.11b will not even come anywhere close to 3km. i am lucky if i get it to go more than 3 or 4 rooms away from the wireless router. but then again that is using only stock stuff (linksys and the like), so i duno what you could do if you built your own.

my $.02

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