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RF Home work Help Q1

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A Bipolar Transistor has the following scattering-matrix parameters at 7ghz.
S11 = 0.63/_ (- 140 degree)
S12 = 0.1/_ (30 degree)
S21 = 6.7/_ (98 degree)
S22 = 0.47 /_ (-60 degree)

(1) How do i identify the regions on smith chart with stable values of source and load impedances?
(2) How to find the incident power to the amplifer Pinc and the power delivered to the load PL assuming that the input of the amplifier is connected to a matched voltage source with Vs = 1/_0 degree and the load impdeance is ZL = 100 ohm.

Please advise me how to do. Thanks.
Not open for further replies.

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