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Review Rants etc

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I want to know if it is ok to post rants review and or general comments and questions about life in the feedback forum.

Is this feedback forum only for comments about this site or can we start a discussion about how we hate a certain company because of their services.

I think maybe another forum called Rants Raves and Reviews would be nice so that we can get everyday stuff keeping us from concetrating on our work off our chest. It would pretty much be a general discussion fourm except a little more fucused on the topics of the Technology industry in general.

Questions like:
Do you think its ethical to spy on the babysitter
or comments like
I Hate T-mobile becuase their coverage service sucks!

It would be limited to stuff like No Pornography and No fighting(Debating only)

What do you guys think
Not open for further replies.

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