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Where are the math etc symbols?


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How to insert the Omega symbol, the +and- symbol, the degree symbol etc?


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Looks like we lost Latex support?


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They used to be readily available but now I can't find them. So, I just use Charmap and copy and paste what I want. If you use them often enough you may learn their ALT code. The degrees char is °. The font used to be Verdana but not sure anymore. Mods?


Ian Rogers

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rgh... let me look see where it went. It's a plugin in the new system
While you are at it... The default theme still seems busted.... I have to use fixed width so I can reply to posts..


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This, º, straight from my keyboard and this, &, from the Charmap (app from Windows).


Have "turned it off and on again" and have not been able to get the f(x) back. LaTex can still be pasted into the system ... if you know how. And it took me some Googling just to get the X+5=-1 up there. I've contacted the author of this plugin for support.

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