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Resistor Question


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Hi, everyone. I am new to the electronics and circuit schematics, although i do have a physics background from high school (ie Ohms law and Kirchoffs laws). However, the circuit schematics sometimes throw me off completely. For example, this circuit i made in EveryCircuit app. Can someone please explain to me, why does the current doesn't flow through 2 bottom resistors in the middle? I just can not wrap my head around it. Can someone please explain it to me or at least suggest any educational material that covers it? I know it is may sound as basic, simple question, but for me its a struggle.


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Simplify and re-draw the circuit.

Where there are two resistors in series, replace them with one resistor with the value of the sum of the two individual resistors.

We then get a circuit like this:
ETO Problem.png

R3 is the simplification of the resistors with no current, I have shown them disconnected from the rest of the circuit.

You will see that the two connection points both have a potential of 0.5v.
Connecting points with the same voltage will not result in current flowing.


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