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Replacement Pilot Lamp for Sony ICF-9650W radio

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I have this 1970's era transistor radio and the front panel light went out. I pulled everything apart and find a little bulb that's burnt out in the front panel. It has a glass envelope, no metal base (just two wires going straight to the glass envelope on the bottom). It is 0.1650" diameter (4.19mm) x 0.414" (10.5mm) long. It looks like it is fed off two wires coming straight off a secondary of the transformer (haven't tested voltage).

Any idea on a replacement given the dimensions? Thanks,


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After doing some looking, I think it is a T1.25 type incandescent lamp. No stock at digikey, but I will keep looking. It also looks like I will have to fire it up and test the voltage before I buy a replacement lamp.


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if you want it to last (maybe even longer than the rest of the radio) replace it with a white LED a 1n4004 diode and a 470 ohm resistor. since it's being fed AC voltage, polarity doesn't matter.


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If I remember correctly they use a pea lamp (6v0. These are hard to replace the LED seems an Ideal solution

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