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Repairing an old DVD player

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Does this MIP2C4 component look healthy? Why is there a dark spot around it?

As an aside: I've tried finding the datasheet for it to see if I can easily test it, however I can only find Chinese PDFs.

Les Jones

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It looks to me like some liquid soaked into the board and has entered the board via the holes for components. You can see it to a lesser extent around other holes in the board.


Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
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The board looks fine, although the chip does look to have been getting warm - but that could be normal.

One easy thing to check is the 270K resistor next to it, that 'may' be a start-up resistor, and 270K is in the range that's likely to fail (going high or O/C).

I would also suggest checking for any S/C diodes or high ESR electrolytics.

Only then try changing the chip, if you can source one.

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