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Repairing a Sansui SV2918

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Hi there, I have a Sansui SV2918 that doesn't come on and after a few seconds, an increasingly loud tatatata sound from the speakers.
Any ideas? I have replaced the 2SK2996, but to no avail.
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Sansui SV2918 are plentiful here. My favourite CRT 29 inch set to work on. Chassis is rock solid. Ive only replaced 1 tube failure in all the time ive been here.....tube failed cause its neck broke off......

Otherwise, ive kept 99% of them going still. And I make a point of telling customers to look after them. And they do.

Buttt.....audio problems on a SV2918 are rare.

Youve something else wrong there.

Ive never had a SV2918 do that. And Ive many lol.

Please post here if you fix it.
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