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Repair JVC M-7050 amp Super-A circuit

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Hi! I need help repairing a JVC M-7050 amp. The Super-A module is damaged and there is no replacement available. However, I have learned that there was a replacement module TAD-200A was also used. However, even that part seems unavailable. I have learned the IC chip on the board is still available, VC-5022. So, I hope someone can tell me where I can get the circuit diagram of that board so I piece a replacement module together as the only other components on the board was a resistor and a diode. I saw a photo of this board on a web site installed in an M-7050, but the owner did not want to unplug the module to photograph the circuit for me. Any help? Thanks!


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After trawling the net I found your question, and although over a year old it seemed to be the most current. I have a JVC X400 in need of the same device, VC5022, and wondered if you had any luck in getting hold of one?

I managed to get a circuit diagram OK, but the parts are very hard to source.

Thanks in advance.

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