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Remove a Thread?

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I'm not sure if this is the correct space to ask this, if is not, please let me know. Is posible to remove an undesired thread?

I have some examples, here is one:

I've recently made a thread asking about strobe lights, but it started in the wrong way. I tried to ask questions and post the results of the project, but the result was an awful monologe, unuseful for me and any guest trying to make the same project.

Now when I had studied the basics more carefuly (and decently), I would like to start the thread from zero, to avoid double-posting and littering the forum.

Thank you by your attention.

Example of awful thread
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There aren't many moderators here, Nigel is the only one I know of and ElectroMaster doesn't stop on all too frequently (at least that I know of)


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If the Mods don't want to delete your thread, then you could edit your newer posts to redirect people to the newer, more useful, thread.
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Hi Guys,

I am here most days actually ;) behind the scenes stuff..

With the post you referred to, I really see no problem with it. Feel free to edit it or add to it..

Other than that, if you have any other threads please do let us know (me or any moderators).
I vote 3VO gets promoted to full moderator. He is a upstanding guy :)

My two cents...


ElectroMaster, who are the people that have moderator control?


It's a shame you can't report your own thread to the moderator: can the system be changed so you can?
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