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Removed thread "Transistor switch"


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A thread titled "Transistor switch", that contained a YouTube video and asked for critique of it, has been removed from ETO today.
The embedded video was related to electronics and was narrated in English, albeit a little broken in places, but if/when rewound and listened to again, could be understood.
There was some debate between members, as to whether the thread was made simply to elicit views.
There was also another debate between myself, and another member, regarding negative remarks which were initially made towards the OP's command of English.
I note that the other member's previous remarks had been edited by a Moderator and a warning issued, but similarly disparaging remarks about non-native-English speakers were made in a subsequent post.
An international forum, such as ETO, should not allow it's members to disparage each-other based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. and this is outlined in our TOS, IIRC.
Where there is a breach, it should be up to all members to challenge this and/or report to Admin/Moderation, in order to stamp it out.
My last post in that thread, following a somewhat-heated exchange regarding this member's constant race-related jibes, was along the lines of "That crap has no place here."
The reply was:
That foreign video has no place here.
Moderator, please delete this thread.
Aaaand....pooof! The thread has now gone.

"That foreign video" was narrated in English, and the OP was made in the English language.
The video was also electronics-related.
So I have to ask the question:
"What part(s) of ETO's TOS were violated, in order for the thread to be deleted?"

Inquiring minds may wish to know....."WHO deleted the thread, and WHY?"
Was it at the OP's request, or that of the protagonist?

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Inquiring minds may wish to know....."WHO deleted the thread, and WHY?"
Was it at the OP's request, or that of the protagonist?
I deleted it.

No it was not done at the behest of AG.

The whole thread had become a mess of silly argument.

I had considered deleting all posts except the initial one with the video, but I considered that the video itself was technically poor and was simply an attempt at self promotion by its creator.



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Understood on the above regarding the mess, I make my apology to you personally for having to clean it up, although I disagree on the "self-promotion" aspect....along with the description "technically poor". AFAIK, we do not have a particular 'Standard' that defines the quality of video content which is allowed here, please advise if a new member is prohibited from showing simple "blinky-lights" and other such basic, technically-poor projects.

Also, can you please clarify ETO's future stance when it comes to members denigrating and ridiculing others, based upon ethnicity, country of origin, and/or in written and oral forms of communication?

Just a heads-up...that type of stuff grips my bits, so it's going to get challenged and reported at every instance going forward...
I will keep within the TOS. ;)

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