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Remote control for yacht gangway

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2PAC Mafia

Hi guys,

I was working on a passarelle control unit. This unit works by serial protocol communication between control unit a power unit. Inside control unit there is a receiver which sends serial signal to microprocessor. The problem now is they lost the remote controls and know they ask me for programming new units. Brand is not existing anymore, no spare units or information...
I´m not sure about the possibility to program new units as I never did that before, I´ve been working only a few times on these type of remote controls. I know in the control or power unit there is a pushbutton for matching original remote and receiver.
I was thinking about the possibility of getting the signals from pushbuttons of control unit measuring the voltage and getting the processor pins associated to make an adapter control (remote + receiver) where receiver has voltage outputs so send the same signals as pushbuttons control unit.
What do you think?

I attach a picture and original receiver info.


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